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uvex - lens coatings for safety glasses

Nothing is more important than people’s safety at work. That’s why uvex invests so heavily in the continuous research and development of its products and technologies. We can already see our efforts paying dividends in intelligent lens coating systems of safety eyewear, which work actively to provide a solution for every challenge. Yet more proof of uvex’s innovative power and technology expertise.


Our lens coatings for safety glasses are organised in two groups: the Core Coatings which are versatile enough to cover a large number of applications and the Special Coatings that have been specifically developed for demanding scenarios.



Core Coatings

uvex supravision sapphire

uvex supravision sapphire coated lenses are extremely scratch resistant on both sides and offer excellent resistance to chemicals. The coating system, which has been enhanced using nanotechnology, offers significantly increased non-stick properties and subsequently are easier to clean. Aqueous and oily dirt can be removed effortlessly.

uvex supravision excellence

uvex supravision excellence coated lenses are anti-fog (for at least 16 seconds) on the inside, while the outside offers extreme scratch and chemical resistance. The anti-fogging properties are permanent even after repeated cleaning. The lenses are also easy to clean and less susceptible to dirt due to the non-stick nanotechnology.

uvex supravision plus

uvex supravision plus coated lenses have advanced anti-fog performance (at least 30 seconds) on both sides, scratch-resistant and antistatic. The antifogging properties are permanent, even after being repeatedly cleaned. This lens coating is suitable for areas with high humidity.

Find your perfect coating:

  1. Select the temperature which best represents your working environment on the horizontal temperature axis.
  2. Define the air humidity of the surroundings in percentage terms and find the figure on the diagonal axis.
  3. Determine the degree of dirt on the vertical axis.
  4. Join these three points to form a triangle.
  5. The part of the triangle with the largest area will show you the appropriate coating for your defined area of use.



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Special Coatings

uvex supravision extreme

uvex supravision extreme coated lenses are scratch-resistant on the outside and permanently anti-fog on the inside. Lenses will not fog up as the coating never reaches the point of saturation. Ideally suited for workplace environments with long-lasting exposure to condensation and a high degree ofdirt.

uvex supravision variomatic

uvex supravision variomatic coated lenses are self-tinting filters, which automatically become darker when exposed to UV (within 10 seconds) and become lighter when exposure is reduced (after 30 seconds). Now available with the tried and tested uvex supravision excellence technology (permanently anti-fog on the inside and extremely scratch-resistant on the outside). Particularly suitable for workplaces where you frequently move between indoor and outdoor environments, from light to dark.

uvex supravision clean

uvex supravision clean coated lenses are autoclavable and resistant to chemicals. Anti-fog on the inside, extremely scratch-resistant on the outside. The anti-fog properties last for at least 10 autoclave cycles. The coating ensures complete fog protection and maximum vision.

uvex infradur / uvex infradur plus

uvex infradur coated lenses are scratch-resistant on both sides and minimise damage from welding sparks.

uvex infradur plus coated lenses are anti-fog on the inside, extremely scratch-resistant on the outside and minimise damage from welding sparks.