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uvex Apps for iPhone and iPad

Experience Innovation! Discover our innovative uvex safety apps for iPhone.

uvex Apps for iPhone

  • uvex Decibel app


    Find the right hearing protection for your needs with the new uvex Decibel app. Now available as a free download in the iTunes Store:









  • uvex i-3 augmented reality app


    Virtual fitting of innovative safety spectacles

    A new dimension in professional protective eyewear: the new uvex i-3 safety spectacle adapts brilliantly to suit any shape of face with innovative features such as the ergonomically designed bridge piece and variable side-arm inclination.

    The augmented reality app now lets you try on the uvex i-3 safety spectacle in virtual reality on your iPhone or iPad. This will give a true impression of how well the sporty design suits you. You can also find out all about the many features which ensure that the uvex i-3 delivers first class wearer comfort.

    • virtual fitting
    • advanced augmented reality technology
    • available in English, French and German



uvex Apps for iPad

  • uvex RX app screenshot
  • uvex RX App (English)

    The virtual companion for prescription safety spectacles. Optimal selection of uvex prescription glasses - conveniently on the iPad.

    What are the advantages of the different lens types and coatings for innovative uvex prescription safety spectacles? Find the optimum product to meet requirements quickly and easily using the practical uvex RX app. For example, test at the touch of a button the effect different filters have on the optical properties of spectacles. The app includes striking videos which show the impact tests conducted to determine the stability of lenses. Comprehensive product brochures can also be downloaded for detailed information.