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Many people are subjected to unique dangers in the course of their daily work – such as airborne particles, fine dust, noise, falling objects, hazardous chemicals, viruses and bacteria. Our product range offers highly functional protective coveralls for a wide range of applications including disposable coveralls to protect against dirt and dust, and innovative technology to provide protection against biological hazards.

Materials & technology

uvex 3 B

The extremely light and tight spunbond-polypropylene-laminate provides an effective barrier against many organic and inorganic liquid chemicals. The mechanical strength of the material and the sealed, taped seams allow the uvex 3B classic to provide protection against the highest strains without reducing comfort.

uvex 4 B

The microporous spray-tight spunbond-polyethylene-laminate enables the uvex 4 B to provide both protection and breathability. The taped seams provide outstanding protection against liquid aerosols and solid particles while the spunbond inside makes it comfortable to wear.

uvex 5/6

The uvex 5/6 is a very light, microporous spunbondpolyethylene-laminate that, combined with spunbond (SMS) back section, ensures high breathability. Together with the bound seams it guarantees a high level of protection against liquid splashes
and solid particles.

uvex 5/6 climazone

The uvex 5/6 climazone is made of a very light, porous and highly breathable SMS material which ensures excellent wearer comfort through optimum climate management. It also provides a strong barrier against dust exposure and liquid mist, providing reliable wearer protection.

uvex 5/6 FR

The flame-retarding, lightweight, porous and breathable SMS material of the uvex 5/6 FR protects against flying sparks to a certain extent. In addition, the wearer benefits from reliable protection due to a strong barrier against dust exposure and liquid mist.