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uvex u-cap sport - Guaranteed head protection with a sporty design

The ergonomically shaped hard shell with integrated shock-absorbing elements ensures safety and optimal comfort.

Integrated shock-absorbing elements with honeycomb structure
The specially developed honeycomb structure of the cap with integrated shockabsorbing elements ensures complete protection in accordance with EN 812.

Armadillo design gives flexibility
The armadillo design of the uvex u-cap sport provides additional flexibility and ergonomically adapts to different head shapes and sizes. The extended cut-out near the ear makes it easier to wear earmuffs.

Continuously adjustable
The uvex u-cap sport can be quickly and easily fitted to the head using the adjustable velcro fastening.

uvex climazone ventilation - Head protection technology

Keep a cool head: the individually adjustable climazone ventilation.

The uvex pheos's sophisticated ventilation system is individually adjustable. The three air vents can be opened or closed as desired and to maintain a pleasant atmosphere under the helmet, the ventilation slots allow hot air to escape.

uvex pheos blue – Long lasting protection and comfort

The tried and tested uvex pheos safety helmet is now available in an environmentally friendly alternative: the safety helmet shell is made from top-quality bioplastics sourced from renewable raw materials.

The bioplastics version of the uvex pheos safety helmet fulfils all requirements of DIN EN 397. Its low weight and adaptable interior fittings ensure outstanding comfort when worn for long periods of time.

More than 230 million tonnes of plastic are produced globally every year. Bioplastics are an environmentally-friendly alternative and are manufactured using renewable raw materials found in plants such as the castor-oil plant.

These natural raw materials are processed into biopolymers from which the bioplastics are made. The bioplastics of today already offer a multitude of technological properties.

The application of bioplastics represents an important contribution to climate and environmental protection.

uvex climazone – climatic comfort guaranteed

Innovative climate management from head to toe

The uvex climazone product range stands for outstanding temperature regulation – from head to toe.

uvex has brought together its expertise in research, material applications and product development to become the only manufacturer of personal protection products to offer you an integrated, functional temperature regulation concept across all product groups.

uvex airwing B
– through the maximum utilisation of the ventilation surfaces, allowed according to EN 397, an optimal heat exchange is possible.

Three variable ventilation openings, with a total surface area of 300 mm², spread over approx. 55 mm² in the forehead area and approx. 245 mm² in the neck area, provide a rapid air current and a pleasant inner climate.